Background on JB Marks Alumni Relations Reps

JB Marks Alumni Relations Reps were previously known as The Core Team when the group was first established back in 2008. They are a group of graduates and a few current students who came together on a 100% voluntary basis, with the aim of ploughing back into the Trust, thereby contributing to the efficiency of the Trust.

Over the years, the team has evolved with changing times to make it more adaptable and inclusive of all alumni. The team has two core functions:

  • Student Development Portfolio
  • Community Outreach Portfolio

These two functions or portfolios serve as the driving force of the Alumni Relations Reps and they are made up by projects that mirror those of the main organisation- JB Marks Education Trust Fund. There are four other portfolios that exist within the structure of the Alumni Relations Reps:

  • Finance
  • Legal & Compliance
  • Stakeholder Relations
  • Marketing & Communications

These four portfolios exist to support the two Core Functions of the team and the Alumni Relations Reps as a group. Each Portfolio has its own objectives, thereby simplifying the roles and responsibilities of each portfolio.

The Alumni Relations Officer

In November 2016, an Alumni Relations Officer was appointed to look after alumni relations interest and develop the Alumni Relations Office. The Alumni Relations Reps report to the Officer, who ensures that everything is reported to the Principal Officer and the Board.


We aim to be a viable, sustainable, strategic and innovative partner to our parent Trust in empowering the protégés.


To be resourceful in empowering JB Marks Education Trust Fund students through the facilitation of workshops in order to assist them navigate through challenges they may in and outside of higher learning institutions; and further disseminate knowledge and information for their career advancement and personal growth.

Core Values:

JB Marks Education Trust Fund Alumni Relations Reps and all alumni embrace the following Core Values:

  • Unit: Standing as a team and supporting one another’s ideas. Being one structure with a singular goal.
  • Respect: Respecting one another as members and as individuals
  • Inegrity: Conducting everything we do with honesty and transparency
  • Selflessness Conducting alumni-related business with passion and to the very best of our abilities
  • Articulation: Providing precise and accurate information based on facts when conducting research for alumni-related business
  • Dedication: Members are dedicated to plough back to the Trust as well as to the community of South Africa, as per portfolio objectives
  • Professionalism: We are guided by ethics, policies and the constitution
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