Community Outreach

Community Outreach Portfolio

This portfolio exists to serve identified needs of the community in which the Trust and its Alumni Relation Reps operate.

The portfolio objectives include:

  • To empower impoverished youth and families in South African communities with skills, knowledge, products and services obtained through fundraising efforts, thereby enabling them to achieve a higher quality of life.
  • To create a culture of giving and instil the philosophy of building one another by giving without expectation - within the JB Marks Education Trust Fund family.
  • To improve the lives of the people in communities in which the Trust and the Alumni Relations Reps operate.


1.Sanitary Towel Collection

Hundreds of young girls bunk school a few days or a week every month because they are menstruating. It is an injustice that something as normal and as natural as a young woman going on her monthly period can also prevent her from getting her education – even for a week.

Through this project, JB Marks Alumni Relations Reps in conjunction with the Trust want to educate society, especially the men in our communities to look at a women’s menstruating cycle with new and informed eyes. We aim to teach society that there is nothing impure or disgusting about a woman on her periods, that it is a natural process that cleanses her and allows her the ability to bear children.

This project also encourages the men in our society to go out and buy sanitary towels themselves, without feeling embarrassed about it. We aim to teach them that for the sake of their mothers, sisters and daughters, it is important that they embrace this natural phenomenon.

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