Tax Benefits

Tax Benefits

JB Marks Education Trust Fund is a Public Benefit Organization (PBO) in terms of the Income Tax Act (Section 30). This means that a taxpayer (individual, trust or company) making a bona fide donation to a section 18A approved organization is entitled to a deduction from the taxpayer’s taxable income.

Our organization is a Not for Profit (NPO) and registered Trust in terms of Section 6(1) of the Trust Property Control Act, 1988 (Act 57 of 1988).

By financially contributing an amount of your choice to the JB Marks Education Trust Fund alumni projects, you are contributing towards the progress and advancement of previously disadvantaged South Africans and communities – ultimately, you are contributing towards a better South Africa.

Your overall tax payable could potentially reduce, depending on your tax bracket and the amounts given over the tax year. Seek financial advice from your financial planner or tax consultant to determine what contribution will fit your needs.

Furthermore, under no circumstances will there be any quid pro quo, reciprocal obligations and no personal benefits for the donor.

To reflect all your giving transactions on your tax certificate, we need certain information every time you give. To see what is needed, please click here.

You can give using an EFT or credit card.