Meet our Stakeholders

Mineworkers Investment Company (MIC)

The Mineworkers Investment Company (MIC) is a 100% BEE Investment Company established in 1995 by the Mineworkers Investment Trust (MIT) to create sustainable asset base for the benefit of mine, energy and construction workers and their dependents.

MIC has a net asset value of over R5.0 billion and over the past 21 years has disbursed over R450 million to the MIT which has in turn advanced the money to fund its social development programmes. This has funded over 2000 beneficiaries through tertiary education, over 600 per annum with workplace skills development through the Elijah Barayi Memorial Training Centre, and facilitated poverty alleviation and reskilling for many thousands more in rural areas through the work of the MDA.

MIC believes in total professionalism and absolute integrity in the pursuit of capital growth and sustainable income. Severely disadvantaged groups look to them for help. MIC behaves at all times with a sense of responsibility to their stakeholders at all times. The values that drive the company are:

  • Commitment to transformation
  • Professionalism
  • Integrity
  • Ethical conduct
  • Mutual respect
  • Social Consciousness
  • Striving for excellence

Transformation is at the heart of why and how MIC does business. They seek continued improvement in BEE status by both their own business and by companies in which they invest. They are ‘active equity partners’. This is reflected in the value they add as an investor and by active engagement in the work of transformation.